Mobile App
Mobile App
NEXtCARE launches its mobile app to engage with customers and improve their overall "Trusted Partner" experience.
Enjoy seamless customer experience that is personal to members, immediate to insurers and relevant to providers.
 Access insurance policy, information, check personal claims history and submit / track reimbursement claims or an inquiry with the help of technology.
Get the opportunity to Benefit from the provided Health Tips and News.
Search for the Healthcare Provider by name and location
Interact with your trusted partner.

Map My ID

Direct Billing is available now using your Emirates ID.
Follow these easy steps:
  1. Download NEXtCARE App & Register/Login to MyNEXtCARE.
  2. Take a photo of your Emirates ID and link the details to your insurance policy.
Efficiency and Transparency through Innovative Technology solutions:
NEXtCARE’s mobile application enables people, whether NEXtCARE members or not, to check public information related to NEXtCARE, health tips, videos and more
NEXtCARE Mobile App
Download the App now!
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